Congrats to Medicall Ambulance Services who qualifies for the Road Safety Authority (RSA) Emergency Services Driving Standard (ESDS) Programme.

Medicall Ambulance Services has become the first private ambulance service provider to undertake this Road Safety Authority (RSA) Emergency Services Driving Standard (ESDS) initiative.  We would like to especially thank Andy Lyle, Operations Director for his dedication in this delivery of training and choosing us here in Mark Dodd Driver & Safety Training to deliver the programme.

Commenting on the successful role out of the ESDS standard to date Mark Dodd, Managing Director and Trainer said:  “Great credit is due to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) for developing the Emergency Services Driving Standard (ESDS), the first of its kind in Europe.  We would like to especially thank all the organisation’s that have trained their drivers to this standard in particular Medicall.  To date we have sucessfully delivered this standard to eight fire authorities and Medicall.  I would like to personally congratulate all Medicall personnel on their successfull achievement and wish them well in the future”

The Emergency Services Driving Standard (ESDS) has three levels:

1. ESDS Level 1 – This is the entry level and sets out the training, learning and assessment that will produce competent and responsible emergency service drivers.

2. ESDS Level 2 – Describes the training, learning and assessment for emergency service drivers and includes the principles and skills set of ‘Roadcraft’. ‘Roadcraft’ is a recognised system of vehicle control in the training for emergency service drivers that develops a methodical and systematic approach to driving. It increases safety by giving the driver more time to react in complex situations as they have a greater awareness and ability to anticipate hazards.

3. ESDS Level 3 –This level refers only to services who by law can drive using blue lights and sirens in emergency response situations when this does not endanger the safety of other road users. An example of this is when an emergency services vehicle exceeds the statutory speed limit. This applies only to emergency services who are specified in Section 87 of the Road Traffic Act 2010 as follows:

  • An Garda Síochána,
  • Ambulance Services
  • Fire Services

If you or your organisation is interested in the delivery of ESDS, please contact our offices here on 071 91 65822 to discuss or if you want to read further